The human cost of a car crash

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This campaign is all about promoting road safety for all drivers irrespective of their age. I think in order to do this effectively we have to share stories of human loss that may shock and sadden us but will also make us think twice about the importance of road safety. This is why I want to share with you a few news stories that have been circulating in the media lately.

Tragedy in Morocco

This first news story is about Josh Stump, 21, Tara Darlington, 23 and her younger sister Pippa, 21. These three young people were enjoying a holiday in northern and western Africa when their car collided with two other vehicles in Morocco (Couzens, 2012).

Josh Stump, Tara and Pippa in Morocco the day before the crash

The exact details of the crash have not been disclosed, only the fact that the car belonged to the two girls and that 10 people were injured (Couzens, 2012). The three young people were all university students in Britain, they had worked hard to save up money for the trip which they saw as an adventure of a lifetime (Couzens, 2012).

The two sisters Tara and Pippa were killed in the accident, Josh is in a critical condition in the hospital. He has suffered a brain hemorrhage, a broken leg and arm, a broken jaw and nose, and a partial fracture to his lower back (Couzens, 2012). Josh has already gone through his first surgery and is likely to have more operations in the near future (Couzens, 2012).

The tragic accident took place in Rabat, Morocco

Josh’s mother Annie received a call from him three days before the crash. He told her that they were having a great time fishing, sleeping on the beach and generally enjoying the experience of traveling in new and exciting places (Couzens, 2012).

29-year-old drunk driver kills seven teenagers

Three teenage boys, three teenage girls and three others were injured after a driver who was traveling at 125 mph (200 km/h) crashed into a bus stop in Moscow, Russia (McDermott, 2012).

Crash scene in Moscow, Russia

The driver was believed to be drunk and also under the influence of drugs at the time of the crash. The seven teenagers were enjoying a day off from school in Western Moscow.

Victims of the crash covered in blankets

Recent road accidents in Australia involving older drivers

Last Saturday in Cooma, New South Wales three people were killed in a fatal car crash (Kretowicz & Rudra, 2012). The accident was caused by a collision between between a Honda Sedan and a Subaru (Kretowicz & Rudra, 2012). The three people that died were from Canberra, the male driver who was 67 died in hospital and his female passenger who was the same age died on the way to hospital (Kretowicz & Rudra, 2012).

The driver of the other car who was a 62-year-old woman was killed instantly in the accident. She had a 15 month old toddler in the car who was the sole survivor of the head-on crash (Kretowicz & Rudra, 2012).

Cooma, New South Wales

Last Friday in Ipswich, Queensland a six-year-old girl died after a Sedan hit a tree (SMH, 2012). Two girls aged nine and four, a 26-year-old man and a two-year-old boy were injured in the crash (SMH, 2012). They sustained serious injuries and are now in hospital (SMH, 2012).

Ipswich, Queensland

These tragic incidents were caused by different reasons and have had a huge impact on all those affected. I think it is important to keep these stories in our minds so that we don’t forget the importance of road safety for drivers of all ages.


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