Stay focused while driving

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Driving is a dangerous activity, it is really important to pay attention all the time because if you lose focus for even one split second it can result in an accident. You may feel safe surrounded by metal and airbags, however, it is still best to prevent any accidents from happening.

Within Australian roads it is by law to stop every 2-3 hours of driving. This means that no driver, no matter how experienced you are is allowed to drive for more than 3 hours at a time. However, we believe that this time should be different for everyone driving on the road. This is because not everyone can handle the same amount of driving time. For example, older drivers aged 60 and over cannot drive longer than people aged 20-30. It is a known that older drivers lose focus a lot easier and quicker than younger drivers. Therefore this driving limit should be set lower if you are of older age. This is not to say that older drivers drive badly, it is just that their physical body cannot go through the stress of staying full alert for a long period of time. Driving requires a lot of focus, this then causes driving to become exhausting. Therefore if you don’t feel tired after driving you are not paying enough attention on the road.

Distractions can also cause the loss of focus.

Distractions can also include:

  • eating and drinking
  • reading or writing
  • using a wireless device
  • grooming
  • minding children
  • conversing with passengers
  • smoking
  • adjusting in-car stereos and electronics
  • minding pets
  • putting on make-up

According to the website Smart Motorist, traffic accidents are defined as unexpected, undesired and unforeseen mishaps involving auto-mobiles  Most importantly, traffic accidents are collisions that often can be avoided through cautious, defensive driving. Many drivers believe that they are capable to do the above actions without any consequences. However, traffic accidents will occur when it is least expected. Therefore all drivers should be aware that traffic accidents are not subjected to age, sex or experience. It can happen to everyone therefore drive cautiously with full attention on the road.

Please watch this clip and remember to drive with full attention

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  1. My sister likes to put on lipgloss and check her mascara while driving. Any advice on what I can say to her to stop?

    • Usually when a girl constantly checks her make-up it is a sign that they lack confidence in their looks or skills in applying make-up. I will suggest 2 ways to try and stop her from doing such a dangerous act on the road.
      The soft way: before she turns on the engine tell her to check herself first and apply make-up if needed. Then if she goes to apply make-up while driving tell her it’s fine, she looks great and fix her eyes on the road. She will eventually gain confidence without needing to check every so often.
      The tough way: take her make-up away from her, if she retaliates then tell her to pull over and you’ll give it back to her. Warn her that the road isn’t safe enough for her to apply make-up.
      It really depends on your sister’s personality to see which way works on her. Everyone is different but if you really want her to stop you need to constantly remind her. Telling her once or twice isn’t enough for the habit to go away.

      feel free to show her some shocking facts or images to see if she will come to sense knowing that her habit is dangerous.
      Hope this helps and all the best.

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