Safe driving tips when it comes to mobile phones

October 1, 2012 at 12:59 pm | Posted in GHS | 4 Comments
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Here are some safety driving tips to do with mobile phones and driving. Perhaps you can apply some of these recommendations to your daily driving routine and do your bit to make the road a safer place for everyone:

  • Don’t read or send text messages while driving
  • Use voicemail rather than answering your phone while driving
  • Pull over or park if you need to make or receive a call
  • Plan breaks in your journey for phone calls
  • Let your family and friends know that they shouldn’t call you when your driving
  • Don’t look up phone numbers while driving

(DPTI, 2009)


Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (2009) Road Safety: Mobile Phone Use [online]. Available at: [Accessed 26 September 2012].



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  1. Ahh I know I have been an offender of texting whilst driving and this is a great little campaign because drivers often forget about the implications- Thanks for the tips!

    • No problem, glad you got something out of it 🙂

  2. Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure – ‘Tell your family not to call you while driving’ seem to remove responsibility from the driver and shunt it to somebody else… Is this the right message to be sending ?

    • I guess you could see it that way but you could also view it as the driver being proactive and taking some preventative action so that they can ensure that they won’t make bad judgements on the road. I also see your point though it wouldn’t take much willpower for someone to ignore a call while they are driving.

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