Ways to drive safely

September 23, 2012 at 10:17 am | Posted in yolendalo | 2 Comments
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There are many ways to improve driving among drivers with full license. Here are some:

  1. Courses can help enhance an individual’s driving knowledge when they grow older. This prevents the possibility of road rules being forgotten as well as refreshing an individual’s knowledge of road rules. This can also inform drivers new road rules that have been implemented.
  2. Simple reminders from society the need to drive safely and not to rely on just experience when driving. This can prevent any careless acts when driving and potentially preventing accidents on the road.
  3. A compulsory road test every 5 years, this can reduce drivers that cannot drive safely. This also ensures that all drivers will take driving seriously and not a lifelong activity but something that needs to be earned.
  4. A promise or a pledge to drive safely. This acts as a reminder to always focus on the road.
  5. Leave a bit early. This gives a driver more time to get to the destination which decreases speeding.
  6. Turn of all devices to make sure the driver focuses on the road.
  7. If you are starting to lose focus, exchange drivers. Don’t try to push it because you won’t have enough reflex or attention on the road.
  8. Follow all road rules and speed limit. They are there for a reason.
  9. Try to read over the driver manual for getting your license every 1-2 years. This can also refresh your memory on how to drive safely. (driving guide provided by the RTA)

Can you name other ways to drive safely and prevent accidents on the road?



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  1. One more I can tell from experience is to drive with the rules but also drive to your conditions. For example if there is foggy weather you wouldn’t be driving 110km/h on a highway. Always be aware of changes to conditions on the road and taking caution!

  2. Simple things like this can save lives as well as ensure that each dive is skilled and roadworthy. However I don’t think it is enough to simply say that full license holders should try to improve their driving by following such guidelines but more so that simple rules, driving courses and skills should be implemented throughout the license process. it would improve all the drivers on the road from small things like etiquette to big things like knowledge on what to do in an accident or how to defensively drive to avoid getting into accidents. It would even help minimise road rage. This is what we are trying to achieve at drivinuscrazy.

    Knowing the condition is a great tip but also planning a route and even a back-up route is wise and helps create more confident and safe drivers.

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