An unwanted accident

September 23, 2012 at 12:59 am | Posted in yolendalo | 1 Comment
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As said in previous blogs, driving rules can be forgotten over time and the need to drive safely can be disregarded as well. Therefore it would be beneficial if society or family and friends remind the driver the risk of ignoring road rules as well as safety driving. It’s as simple as reminding them the results of a crash can be a damaged car, money wasted on an unwise decision on the road or in the worst scenarios injuries and deaths.

I’ve recently seen an accident happen when I was crossing the road. It was a road with a speed limit of 60km/hr with no speed cameras nearby. As shown below on the image one car wanted to turn right (car B) and one car was going straight (car A). As car A was going straight forward at most likely 60km/hr, car B turned left and car A crashed right onto the left side of car B. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take any photos of the accident because it was not the right thing to do at that time.

When the drivers got out I happened to hear the driver from car A say: “why did you turn? U should give way to me!” The response from the drive in car B was:” no, you should give way to me! I signaled to turn right and you sped-up!”

This shows that people assume too much when driving and when in a hurry they make silly mistakes. A simple reminder by people around them would reduce careless mistakes from misunderstandings.

This would be the view of car A going straight.

This would be the view of car B turning right.

Share a story of a crash you know of as well.


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  1. A similar thing happened to me on the road.
    I was driving down a 60km road and was crossing a give way sign when a car just entered my lane without giving me way and i had to abruptly stop so that we didn’t collide.
    Some people think they own the road!

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