Bad habits when driving

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1. Tail Gating

It is a dangerous and intimidating driving habit which, without doubt, causes accidents. The number of rear end accidents would be drastically reduced if we all stuck to the 3 second rule (4 seconds in poor conditions).

2. Using Devices whilst Driving

We are all aware that using mobile phones in any way when driving is a distraction and handsfree kits don’t solve the problem. There are other devices such as GPS systems that are just as much of a distraction and many seem oblivious to this fact.

3. Keeping to the Left Lane

When driving on a highway the rules are simple: keep to the left unless overtaking.

If you are not over taking than you shouldn’t keep to the fast lane because it causes much more potential accidents if someone needs to go to the slow lane to overtake.

4. Poor seating position

There are many bad sitting positions which ranges from the stereotypical 19 year old male who has his seat set so far back that he can hardly reach the pedals, let alone see over the steering wheel. And we have the stereotypical Grandma who sits so close to the steering wheel to the point that she can’t move the steering wheel because she’s stuck to it.

The correct seating position is: arms should have a slight bend in them, with shoulders back in the seat, and legs should also have a slight bend at the knee when pedals are pushed to the floor.

It should also be noted that even if you’re going for a 10 minute drive you should always adjust your seating position all the time.

5. Speeding

Everyone knows the dangers involved with speeding, however we still over speed when we feel happy or when we’re just in a hurry.

Regular glances at the speedo help to solve the problem and a clear organized dash board is a great benefit in any car. We should always leave early so that we do not rush on the road which decreases crashes by a lot.

6. Indicating

It should be highly reminded that turning on the indicators does not activate an invisible force field around your car.

Many drivers seem to think that all they need to do when wanting to change lanes is to indicate and then they are free to pull out. Equally annoying are those drivers who indicate at the last minute or don’t bother to indicate at all.

Always bear in mind that the other driver may not realise that their indicators are on. Also, never assume that they are going to make a move until you see the wheels start to turn.

7. Driving for the Conditions

It should always be known that it does take longer to stop a vehicle in wet weather.

Drivers should always cut their speed when driving in poor conditions and if necessary pull over until conditions improve. Australia receives the most unpredictable weathers therefore you should always be ready to slow down when the weather does turn bad.

This applies equally to night driving, where visibility is reduced and driving on country roads or in areas where animals or young children may run out on to the road.

8. Drink Driving

This does not need to be said anymore, however, it still causes the most motor related accidents on the road.

Before drinking always think about the lives that you may potentially kill because of drunk driving. Leave the car behind if you have had a drink. It is always better safe than sorry.


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  1. Not the first time I’ve seen women putting make up while driving or an individual reading a newspaper while driving. The rules are not there to be bent… they are there to be adhered to!

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