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Driving is a matter that needs to be taken seriously. A driver not only holds the life of the passengers they are carrying but the pedestrians and other individuals on the road as well. Within the understanding of physic it is known that a heavy object moving at high velocity is highly dangerous if handled without care. Therefore it should be known that driving shouldn’t be a privilege but something that is earned. This is why all countries conduct driving exams in order to test whether someone is fit for driving a potentially dangerous object. Yet within everyday commute, driving a car which is the heavy object moving at high speeds is not taken seriously enough. There are in fact 5,000,000 licenses holders within NSW only. Yet within 2010 there were around 42,000 crashes within NSW in only one year. Among those crashes 12,000 are related to fatigue, speeding and alcohol involvement. The other 30,000 are unknown causes that have caused the accidents. Therefore we can only assume that the unknown crashes are caused by lack of attention or simply bad driving.

It is also known that the more people drive, the more they grow older, the more experience they gain. However, it is also due to this fact that the more experience drivers tend to drive carelessly due to the fact that they believe they are experienced. However, this might not always be the case because as people grow older, their ability to judge may also deteriorate. It is not to say that all older drivers lack experience and lose their sense of judgment. However, their confidence may lead to an accident because accidents happen when an individual is too confident and do not pay attention to the surroundings. Therefore it is always important to treat every drive as if it is your first time on the road and pay attention to everything that occurs.

Bad driving may also be a result of a bad habit that has been picked up throughout the years of driving. Bad habits may be one of the causes of the crashes that have occurred. However, a habit may not be spotted due to the fact that not all drivers are driving instructors. Therefore they may not have noticed this habit being there. This thus shows that getting your driving skills evaluated by a professional is very important. A simple workshop conducted by professionals can lower your risk of getting into a motor related accident.

Therefore this social cause aims to create awareness in safety driving among all divers in order to create a safer road for all individuals among society. Particularly in creating awareness to all drivers to re-evaluate their driving skills in order to keep themselves, passengers as well as the road safe. All drivers should have the same rights as well as responsiblity, there is no age difference in driving. All drivers must be aware of the dangers in driving in order to maintain a safe road.


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