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For this cause we are particularly focusing with creating awareness for full license drivers to re-evaluate their driving skills every so often. There is an assumption within today’s society that young drivers cause a lot more accidents then other older drivers. This is in fact not the case, younger drivers do not cause more accidents than other drivers. According to the statistics collected by the RTA for road accidents in NSW during 2010, there is in fact around 11,000 accidents caused by drivers aged 30-39. While accidents caused by 18-21 year old drivers are around 8,000.

We are not excusing the fact that young drivers do in fact cause a lot of accidents on the road. As well as the fact that younger drivers are more reckless and less experienced.

However, young drivers which are aged 18-21 are not the majority of all drivers. In fact, they only represent around 18% of all drivers within NSW. There are more full licensed drivers on the road then there are younger inexperienced drivers. Therefore it can be assumed that there are more accidents involving experienced drivers holding a full license then there are young drivers within the roads in today’s society. With this thought we are trying to raise awareness for full license drivers to sit an compulsory examination to retest their driving skills. We are also trying to create awareness in society to take driving seriously as well. We shall also provide solutions for every dangerous aspects within driving.

This social cause is not ignoring the fact that indeed, young drivers are not as experienced as older drivers, however, older drivers are still involved in accidents. Therefore there should still be some awareness for full licenses drivers to re-evaluating their driving skills in order to create a more safer road for everyone.  Older drivers may be more experienced, however, road rules change. People’s memories of road rules or driving techniques can also be slowly forgotten or altered. Therefore it is important for everyone to re-educate their driving skills which can be achieved through a simple driving course.

Sitting through a driving course can sound very time consuming. In fact adults have to go to work to earn money for a living. However, the road and road rules change quite often therefore it is always an advantage to have your driving skills and knowledge refreshed. This can prevent accidents which in return can save lives. Therefore it is never too old to learn and learning to drive does not stop once you have obtained a full license.


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