The human cost of a car crash

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This campaign is all about promoting road safety for all drivers irrespective of their age. I think in order to do this effectively we have to share stories of human loss that may shock and sadden us but will also make us think twice about the importance of road safety. This is why I want to share with you a few news stories that have been circulating in the media lately.

Tragedy in Morocco

This first news story is about Josh Stump, 21, Tara Darlington, 23 and her younger sister Pippa, 21. These three young people were enjoying a holiday in northern and western Africa when their car collided with two other vehicles in Morocco (Couzens, 2012).

Josh Stump, Tara and Pippa in Morocco the day before the crash

The exact details of the crash have not been disclosed, only the fact that the car belonged to the two girls and that 10 people were injured (Couzens, 2012). The three young people were all university students in Britain, they had worked hard to save up money for the trip which they saw as an adventure of a lifetime (Couzens, 2012).

The two sisters Tara and Pippa were killed in the accident, Josh is in a critical condition in the hospital. He has suffered a brain hemorrhage, a broken leg and arm, a broken jaw and nose, and a partial fracture to his lower back (Couzens, 2012). Josh has already gone through his first surgery and is likely to have more operations in the near future (Couzens, 2012).

The tragic accident took place in Rabat, Morocco

Josh’s mother Annie received a call from him three days before the crash. He told her that they were having a great time fishing, sleeping on the beach and generally enjoying the experience of traveling in new and exciting places (Couzens, 2012).

29-year-old drunk driver kills seven teenagers

Three teenage boys, three teenage girls and three others were injured after a driver who was traveling at 125 mph (200 km/h) crashed into a bus stop in Moscow, Russia (McDermott, 2012).

Crash scene in Moscow, Russia

The driver was believed to be drunk and also under the influence of drugs at the time of the crash. The seven teenagers were enjoying a day off from school in Western Moscow.

Victims of the crash covered in blankets

Recent road accidents in Australia involving older drivers

Last Saturday in Cooma, New South Wales three people were killed in a fatal car crash (Kretowicz & Rudra, 2012). The accident was caused by a collision between between a Honda Sedan and a Subaru (Kretowicz & Rudra, 2012). The three people that died were from Canberra, the male driver who was 67 died in hospital and his female passenger who was the same age died on the way to hospital (Kretowicz & Rudra, 2012).

The driver of the other car who was a 62-year-old woman was killed instantly in the accident. She had a 15 month old toddler in the car who was the sole survivor of the head-on crash (Kretowicz & Rudra, 2012).

Cooma, New South Wales

Last Friday in Ipswich, Queensland a six-year-old girl died after a Sedan hit a tree (SMH, 2012). Two girls aged nine and four, a 26-year-old man and a two-year-old boy were injured in the crash (SMH, 2012). They sustained serious injuries and are now in hospital (SMH, 2012).

Ipswich, Queensland

These tragic incidents were caused by different reasons and have had a huge impact on all those affected. I think it is important to keep these stories in our minds so that we don’t forget the importance of road safety for drivers of all ages.


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Ways to drive safely

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There are many ways to improve driving among drivers with full license. Here are some:

  1. Courses can help enhance an individual’s driving knowledge when they grow older. This prevents the possibility of road rules being forgotten as well as refreshing an individual’s knowledge of road rules. This can also inform drivers new road rules that have been implemented.
  2. Simple reminders from society the need to drive safely and not to rely on just experience when driving. This can prevent any careless acts when driving and potentially preventing accidents on the road.
  3. A compulsory road test every 5 years, this can reduce drivers that cannot drive safely. This also ensures that all drivers will take driving seriously and not a lifelong activity but something that needs to be earned.
  4. A promise or a pledge to drive safely. This acts as a reminder to always focus on the road.
  5. Leave a bit early. This gives a driver more time to get to the destination which decreases speeding.
  6. Turn of all devices to make sure the driver focuses on the road.
  7. If you are starting to lose focus, exchange drivers. Don’t try to push it because you won’t have enough reflex or attention on the road.
  8. Follow all road rules and speed limit. They are there for a reason.
  9. Try to read over the driver manual for getting your license every 1-2 years. This can also refresh your memory on how to drive safely. (driving guide provided by the RTA)

Can you name other ways to drive safely and prevent accidents on the road?

An unwanted accident

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As said in previous blogs, driving rules can be forgotten over time and the need to drive safely can be disregarded as well. Therefore it would be beneficial if society or family and friends remind the driver the risk of ignoring road rules as well as safety driving. It’s as simple as reminding them the results of a crash can be a damaged car, money wasted on an unwise decision on the road or in the worst scenarios injuries and deaths.

I’ve recently seen an accident happen when I was crossing the road. It was a road with a speed limit of 60km/hr with no speed cameras nearby. As shown below on the image one car wanted to turn right (car B) and one car was going straight (car A). As car A was going straight forward at most likely 60km/hr, car B turned left and car A crashed right onto the left side of car B. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take any photos of the accident because it was not the right thing to do at that time.

When the drivers got out I happened to hear the driver from car A say: “why did you turn? U should give way to me!” The response from the drive in car B was:” no, you should give way to me! I signaled to turn right and you sped-up!”

This shows that people assume too much when driving and when in a hurry they make silly mistakes. A simple reminder by people around them would reduce careless mistakes from misunderstandings.

This would be the view of car A going straight.

This would be the view of car B turning right.

Share a story of a crash you know of as well.

I Pledge to Drive Safe

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Driving can be seen as a very simple thing to do and sometimes driving safely can be easily forgotten. This can be seen in many experienced drivers because they believe that they are a good driver because of experience. However, if an individual doesn’t take driving seriously it can be very dangerous. Therefore whenever you turn the engine on you should always remember safety first and pledge to drive safely. This reminds you every second of your drive to be careful and not rely on experience too much.

This website offers a simple sheet to tick in order to drive safely. You can make your own one if you notice that you are driving with some unsafe habit that may cause potential accidents.

India has also launched an “I Pledge to Drive Safe” Facebook Campaign. It has many facts and ways for you to understand what habits or devices causes bad driving.

The page looks like this and it already gives you an idea on how you can improve driving through pledging to stop doing certain actions.

Simple actions such as pledging to drive safely can increase attention on the road as well as decrease in unwanted accidents.

Driving around the world

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Back in 1910 Germany was the first country to mandate the licensing of all drivers on an national case. It created a system of tests and driver’s education requirements which became a template for the licensing laws of other countries.

Since then, the requirements for obtaining and maintaining a driving license has varied widely across the world.

South Africa

In South Africa to be given a license you have to be 18 and able to pass a written or computer-based test. In order to obtain your full license you have to pass a road test.

In the past all a person had to do to pass a driving test is drive six meters forward and six meters back. At present, a person has to answer eight out of ten questions correctly and then pass a forward and reverse S-track test and be able to demonstrate their parking skills.


The minimum age to drive a vehicle is 18 or 16 to drive a motorcycle. People that are aged more than 50 years have to undergo strict medical tests so that they can be given a driver’s license. Moreover, the validity of a license is five years and therefore needs to be renewed every five years.


Licenses in Pakistan contain your digital photo, signature, blood group information, date of birth, emergency contact, fingerprint impression and the name of your parents.

A driver’s license in Pakistan


All driving licenses in Europe follow the European Union format for driving licenses. This common format allows all licenses to be understood irrespective of language differences.

A Spanish driving license which follows the European Union format

Costa Rica

One has to pass three tests in Costa Rica to be given a driving license: practical driving tesr, theoretical driving and a medical test which examines your eyesight, blood pressure and verifies the presence of other diseases and behaviors of the driver. The license must be renewed every two years and then every five years after that.


A person can attain a driving permit at the age of 15 but they need to have an adult with them at all times while they are driving. When they turn 18 they are allowed to have a full license.


The minimum age for a driving license is 18, you have to pass a road test, computer test and a vision test.

United States

By the age of 16 you can obtain a license and drive unsupervised but you have to pass the requisite tests.






Bad habits when driving

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1. Tail Gating

It is a dangerous and intimidating driving habit which, without doubt, causes accidents. The number of rear end accidents would be drastically reduced if we all stuck to the 3 second rule (4 seconds in poor conditions).

2. Using Devices whilst Driving

We are all aware that using mobile phones in any way when driving is a distraction and handsfree kits don’t solve the problem. There are other devices such as GPS systems that are just as much of a distraction and many seem oblivious to this fact.

3. Keeping to the Left Lane

When driving on a highway the rules are simple: keep to the left unless overtaking.

If you are not over taking than you shouldn’t keep to the fast lane because it causes much more potential accidents if someone needs to go to the slow lane to overtake.

4. Poor seating position

There are many bad sitting positions which ranges from the stereotypical 19 year old male who has his seat set so far back that he can hardly reach the pedals, let alone see over the steering wheel. And we have the stereotypical Grandma who sits so close to the steering wheel to the point that she can’t move the steering wheel because she’s stuck to it.

The correct seating position is: arms should have a slight bend in them, with shoulders back in the seat, and legs should also have a slight bend at the knee when pedals are pushed to the floor.

It should also be noted that even if you’re going for a 10 minute drive you should always adjust your seating position all the time.

5. Speeding

Everyone knows the dangers involved with speeding, however we still over speed when we feel happy or when we’re just in a hurry.

Regular glances at the speedo help to solve the problem and a clear organized dash board is a great benefit in any car. We should always leave early so that we do not rush on the road which decreases crashes by a lot.

6. Indicating

It should be highly reminded that turning on the indicators does not activate an invisible force field around your car.

Many drivers seem to think that all they need to do when wanting to change lanes is to indicate and then they are free to pull out. Equally annoying are those drivers who indicate at the last minute or don’t bother to indicate at all.

Always bear in mind that the other driver may not realise that their indicators are on. Also, never assume that they are going to make a move until you see the wheels start to turn.

7. Driving for the Conditions

It should always be known that it does take longer to stop a vehicle in wet weather.

Drivers should always cut their speed when driving in poor conditions and if necessary pull over until conditions improve. Australia receives the most unpredictable weathers therefore you should always be ready to slow down when the weather does turn bad.

This applies equally to night driving, where visibility is reduced and driving on country roads or in areas where animals or young children may run out on to the road.

8. Drink Driving

This does not need to be said anymore, however, it still causes the most motor related accidents on the road.

Before drinking always think about the lives that you may potentially kill because of drunk driving. Leave the car behind if you have had a drink. It is always better safe than sorry.

Our Focus

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For this cause we are particularly focusing with creating awareness for full license drivers to re-evaluate their driving skills every so often. There is an assumption within today’s society that young drivers cause a lot more accidents then other older drivers. This is in fact not the case, younger drivers do not cause more accidents than other drivers. According to the statistics collected by the RTA for road accidents in NSW during 2010, there is in fact around 11,000 accidents caused by drivers aged 30-39. While accidents caused by 18-21 year old drivers are around 8,000.

We are not excusing the fact that young drivers do in fact cause a lot of accidents on the road. As well as the fact that younger drivers are more reckless and less experienced.

However, young drivers which are aged 18-21 are not the majority of all drivers. In fact, they only represent around 18% of all drivers within NSW. There are more full licensed drivers on the road then there are younger inexperienced drivers. Therefore it can be assumed that there are more accidents involving experienced drivers holding a full license then there are young drivers within the roads in today’s society. With this thought we are trying to raise awareness for full license drivers to sit an compulsory examination to retest their driving skills. We are also trying to create awareness in society to take driving seriously as well. We shall also provide solutions for every dangerous aspects within driving.

This social cause is not ignoring the fact that indeed, young drivers are not as experienced as older drivers, however, older drivers are still involved in accidents. Therefore there should still be some awareness for full licenses drivers to re-evaluating their driving skills in order to create a more safer road for everyone.  Older drivers may be more experienced, however, road rules change. People’s memories of road rules or driving techniques can also be slowly forgotten or altered. Therefore it is important for everyone to re-educate their driving skills which can be achieved through a simple driving course.

Sitting through a driving course can sound very time consuming. In fact adults have to go to work to earn money for a living. However, the road and road rules change quite often therefore it is always an advantage to have your driving skills and knowledge refreshed. This can prevent accidents which in return can save lives. Therefore it is never too old to learn and learning to drive does not stop once you have obtained a full license.

Reason for this Cause

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Driving is a matter that needs to be taken seriously. A driver not only holds the life of the passengers they are carrying but the pedestrians and other individuals on the road as well. Within the understanding of physic it is known that a heavy object moving at high velocity is highly dangerous if handled without care. Therefore it should be known that driving shouldn’t be a privilege but something that is earned. This is why all countries conduct driving exams in order to test whether someone is fit for driving a potentially dangerous object. Yet within everyday commute, driving a car which is the heavy object moving at high speeds is not taken seriously enough. There are in fact 5,000,000 licenses holders within NSW only. Yet within 2010 there were around 42,000 crashes within NSW in only one year. Among those crashes 12,000 are related to fatigue, speeding and alcohol involvement. The other 30,000 are unknown causes that have caused the accidents. Therefore we can only assume that the unknown crashes are caused by lack of attention or simply bad driving.

It is also known that the more people drive, the more they grow older, the more experience they gain. However, it is also due to this fact that the more experience drivers tend to drive carelessly due to the fact that they believe they are experienced. However, this might not always be the case because as people grow older, their ability to judge may also deteriorate. It is not to say that all older drivers lack experience and lose their sense of judgment. However, their confidence may lead to an accident because accidents happen when an individual is too confident and do not pay attention to the surroundings. Therefore it is always important to treat every drive as if it is your first time on the road and pay attention to everything that occurs.

Bad driving may also be a result of a bad habit that has been picked up throughout the years of driving. Bad habits may be one of the causes of the crashes that have occurred. However, a habit may not be spotted due to the fact that not all drivers are driving instructors. Therefore they may not have noticed this habit being there. This thus shows that getting your driving skills evaluated by a professional is very important. A simple workshop conducted by professionals can lower your risk of getting into a motor related accident.

Therefore this social cause aims to create awareness in safety driving among all divers in order to create a safer road for all individuals among society. Particularly in creating awareness to all drivers to re-evaluate their driving skills in order to keep themselves, passengers as well as the road safe. All drivers should have the same rights as well as responsiblity, there is no age difference in driving. All drivers must be aware of the dangers in driving in order to maintain a safe road.

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